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Praiseworthy Arts

ALEPH TAU NEWS 4-21-2014 Do you know the Creator's name? Welcome to the family... Said as Father: YAHUAH, Son: YASHUA & Sacred Spirit: RUAKH HaQADOSH.
ALEPH TAU NEWS: Part 2 of the 10 TZAVAH (commandments) and codes of BRASHYT 1:14-19 evidence of our Creator's design. YASHUA AZR (helper). Shalom
ALEPH TAU NEWS: 3-30-2014 News worthy of receiving. Why try? LEARNING is love. Reading from: BRASHYT (Gen.)1:14-19 The 10 TZAVAH.
ALEPH TAU NEWS - Re-recorded from our 3-28-2014 broadcast: Tonight: WHY TRUTH? MISHLAI (Proverbs) 30:4
A reading from Psalm 68:18-20 and the evidence of YASHUA in the supernatural design of the text.
ALEPH TAU NEWS a reading from Daniel 9:25-26 revealing an E.L.S. CODE spelling YASHUA in Hebrew. Wow!
ALEPH TAU NEWS: A reading from BEMIDBAR (Numbers) 13:33 and a code within of YH YASHUA. Hope you heard the REAL NEWS: ALEPH TAU NEWS
Another Original from the Praises For Yahweh Band. written by our youngest member Hannah Avalos. Simple, but meaningful lyrics drive this praise oriented song. The video, shot on several locations
A network of believers committed to praising YAH ALHYM (God in the original language) with our gifts and talents. Come and be a part of great praise!.

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