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Praiseworthy Arts

ALEPH TAU NEWS 4-22-2014 Reading from the book BEYTH YASHUA available at AMAZON: SHALOM.
ALEPH TAU NEWS 4-21-2014 Do you know the Creator's name? Welcome to the family... Said as Father: YAHUAH, Son: YASHUA & Sacred Spirit: RUAKH HaQADOSH.
ALEPH TAU NEWS: Part 2 of the 10 TZAVAH (commandments) and codes of BRASHYT 1:14-19 evidence of our Creator's design. YASHUA AZR (helper). Shalom
ALEPH TAU NEWS: 3-30-2014 News worthy of receiving. Why try? LEARNING is love. Reading from: BRASHYT (Gen.)1:14-19 The 10 TZAVAH.
ALEPH TAU NEWS - Re-recorded from our 3-28-2014 broadcast: Tonight: WHY TRUTH? MISHLAI (Proverbs) 30:4
A reading from Psalm 68:18-20 and the evidence of YASHUA in the supernatural design of the text.
ALEPH TAU NEWS a reading from Daniel 9:25-26 revealing an E.L.S. CODE spelling YASHUA in Hebrew. Wow!
ALEPH TAU NEWS: A reading from BEMIDBAR (Numbers) 13:33 and a code within of YH YASHUA. Hope you heard the REAL NEWS: ALEPH TAU NEWS
A network of believers committed to praising YAH ALHYM (God in the original language) with our gifts and talents. Come and be a part of great praise!.

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